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Discovering the Pays d'Auge

Your Hotel Restaurant Pool & Spa between Deauville and Honfleur

Our spa hotel has the particularity of being located in the Pays d'Auge, less than 20 mins from 3 towns: Pont l'évêque, Deauville and Honfleur.

The Pays d'Auge has the Côte Fleurie , the ideal destination between land and sea. The temperatures are constantly rising, so activities by the sea are a must. Follow the leader.

Activities for summer vacation

Recognizable boards and celebrity names, we are of course talking about the famous Deauville boards . It is impossible to visit the Pays d'Auge and not set foot on these unmissable boards. For a few moments, you will have the chance to rub shoulders with big names in cinema such as Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman or Steven Spielberg. Then during your walk on the beach, take the time to admire the colored umbrellas and let yourself be tempted by a swim.

The Pays d'Auge is home to many seaside resorts and beaches .

Deauville beach and its famous parasols on a sunny day with a blue sky, to visit during your romantic weekend in Normandy
Deauville Beach
honfleur and its basin filled with boats on a sunny day during your spa and restaurant stay in our hotel in Normandy

Houlgate also nicknamed " Pearl of the Côte Fleurie " is worth the detour. Only 30 minutes from the hotel, this seaside resort offers summer entertainment and a beach club for children . Obviously, the city is not to be neglected. A city with a medieval side , the Bells and the unmissable Falaises des Vaches Noires , await you for a surprising visit.

Due to its proximity to the beach, it is possible to carry out many activities by the sea , activities such as boat trips or horseback riding while admiring the sunset.

Each of these cities has a unique city center that is worth visiting. So during your stay in our hotel, discover these cities.

Honfleur has welcomed many painters who have fallen in love with the land of the estuary and we understand why. A city with houses with facades covered with colored slates which are reflected in the Vieux Bassin. The famous Vieux Bassin is a must during your visit. Then continue towards the Greniers à sel. Did you know that there were three of them and that two are still present? These salt cellars were used to store codfish, which required a lot of salt. For art enthusiasts, take a detour to the Eugène-Boudin museum, which houses artistic pieces.

The mansions and castles of the Pays d'Auge

The Pays d'Auge is full of well-hidden treasures. Get away from the big cities and towards the villages to discover them. Direction the Route du Cider, near Cambremer to discover the Manoir du bais which has the particularity of having a half-timbered dovecote. 20 kilometers from it, find another manor, that of Coupesartre, which has retained its original structure.

Now we are heading for Château Saint-Germain-de-Livet and Château Fervaques. The Château Saint-Germain-de-Livet, classified as a historic monument, has impressive architecture and a park. Château Fervaques or Château le Kinnor has hosted conferences, concerts and guided tours every year for 50 years.

Castle and Garden in Normandy
Manor in Normandy

Hotel Spa le Clos Saint Gatien near Deauville

After visiting all these cities, you will be delighted to see our hotel. You will always be welcomed with care. If you still want to enjoy the good weather, you have the opportunity to order a drink at the bar and enjoy it in our outdoor swimming pool. For more relaxation, you can go to our spa area and enjoy the hammam or the sauna. And to end the day, take time for your room. When you wake up, you can have your breakfast outside facing the swimming pool.

Hotel outdoor swimming pool
Interior of the Clos Saint Gatien Sauna