Family at the beach Deauville Trouville, Côte Fleurie, Normandy

Our ideas for family outings in Deauville and Honfleur

Your free family outing: stroll on the Old Basin

It is the emblematic place to visit which will make your visit a unique moment!
Along your family stroll, you will discover the picturesque and port side which makes Honfleur so charming. As a general rule, children find the slate-fronted houses original and the walk around the boats is pleasant to do as a family, regardless of their age. Think about it: from 6 p.m. in winter, with the Christmas lights in the street but also on the boats, it's even more magical!

View of the Port of Honfleur with the restaurants

A carousel ride is required

With its photogenic appearance and pink dyeing, this historic and well-maintained carousel facing the Old Port quickly catches the eye of children. So you won't escape a request from them to take a little ride in the carousel! Ticket prices are not excessive and your whole tribe will be warmly welcomed on site in front of the magnificent view of the basin.

It is definitely the essential point of interest for children discovering Honfleur. Moreover, this ride has become a tradition for certain families each time they come to visit the estuary land. Maybe because it's the perfect time for the little ones to enjoy it while the adults take a break?

Honfleur pink carousel during a stroll on the Vieux Bassin, idea for an activity in Honfleur

The Naturospace: visit the butterflies

Are you looking for an idea for an unusual family activity in Normandy? So enter the tropical greenhouse at Naturospace in Honfleur. There you will encounter butterflies, birds and exotic plants.

At the heart of an equatorial setting at 28°C, the whole family will be dazzled by colorful and exceptional species! You will take an astonishing trip to a covered site with a tropical jungle setting. Your walk will follow the path specially designed for visits to the greenhouse. It is at this precise moment that your visit and the discovery of different tropical plants begins. But what you will remember most are the brightly colored butterflies that flutter just a few meters from you and in every corner of the greenhouse. Not forgetting the fish pond located right in the middle of the zoological garden.  

Tip from our reception: this family outing is even more pleasant when there are fewer crowds, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.!

Naturospace Honfleur idea for family activities

Our ideas for family outings in Deauville

Escape Game for everyone!

The Côte Fleurie is full of mysteries just waiting to be solved. And why not take the opportunity to do it with family and friends? This is an educational outing that will take you out of your everyday life!

Solve puzzles as a family

Riddles are also for children! Whether they are 4 to 12 years old or even teenagers, escape games suitable for the whole family can be found in Deauville and its surroundings. Choose your games room with immersive decor according to different themes such as wizards or pirate treasure hunting. For you, the teams set up an educational welcome with explanations that are easy for your children to understand but also support throughout the game to play peacefully and safely.  

This is a great opportunity to team up with your kids and have a great time!

Have you found your escape game room? So, get your brains on!

magnifying glass and escape game book in Deauville

Family leisure activities: bowling, a safe idea

Still looking for a family outing?
Opt for an afternoon at the Deauville-La Touques bowling alley! Everything has been thought of just for your children:

  • Special rates for school holidays
  • Lighter balls to request at checkout
  • Track barriers/rails on the sides 
  • Bar and restaurant for a little snack between two races

There is a whole range of other entertainment games available to you: arcades, virtual reality, etc. It all depends on the room you choose! And during this winter season, nothing better than an indoor activity to enjoy warm and sheltered.  

bowling for children, idea for a family outing Deauville