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Typical Norman products not to be missed!

The selection of our Hotel Restaurant Pool & Spa near Deauville and Honfleur

Normandy has an international influence, in large part, thanks to its gastronomy.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of the good weather and the sea, about twenty minutes from the hotel. Let yourself be guided and salivate in front of our top 3.

Normandy AOC cheeses

Normandy is known for its cheeses, we are going to present the three best known to you but know that there are many others.

And how not to start this presentation of Norman cheeses with camembert ? This white rind cheese, with a melting and creamy heart, has an unmistakably recognizable smell. A must-have that can be found in every Norman and which is taken out at almost every meal!

Pont-L'évêque, which takes its name from the town of the same name, is a raw cheese with a soft paste and a bloomy rind. Like camembert, it has a smell that does not go unnoticed. Moreover, Pont-l'évêque is the second cheese that smells the worst, ahead of Camembert. Recognizable thanks to its orange color, it tastes better if you come to taste it between June and March during a weekend near Deauville.

And the last one is the Livarot . The last of the typical Pays-d'Auge cheeses . Also known as the "Colonel" thanks to those 5 reed towers that served to maintain its cylindrical shape and are now a physical feature of the Livarot. It has the oldest AOP cheese in Normandy and when you taste it, you understand why! Its raw and more marked flavor particularly distinguishes it in our selection.

Camembert from Normandy

Alcohols from Normandy: know-how and tradition

During meals, very often during major events or in restaurants, the Normans have the custom of drinking a glass of Trou Normand between two courses to facilitate digestion and restore the appetite of the guests. A tradition that it would be a shame not to try. But what is the recipe for this beverage? Well, if you want to reproduce it at home (be careful, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health), you should preferably have a calvados and 2 scoops of sorbet ice cream. Put the two scoops of ice cream in a cup and pour 4 cl of Calvados and that's it. You have in your hands a Norman hole.

Calvados is a Norman brandy. There are three controlled designations of origin. The AOC Calvados which comes from lower Normandy, the AOC Calvados pays d'Auge which is mainly spread out in upper Normandy and the AOC calvados Domfrontais which comes from the Normandy bocage. Each AOC Calvados has a unique taste. A multitude of choices that can delight the greatest number.

Besides, Norman alcohol goes perfectly with cheeses.

For cider lovers , come along the Cider Route . A tourist route that runs through the Pays d'Auge , passing through the villages of Cambremer, Breuvron-en-Auge and even Bonneboscq. On this road, you will see on your way signs that will tell you " Cru Cambremer ", take the time to stop and taste good cider and delicious cheese .

Apples, juice and compote

Scallops, sea bream… Our iodized and local flavors

It is impossible to talk about Norman gastronomy without mentioning seafood. Normandy is the first French region to fish for scallops . 7 out of 10 scallops caught in France are from Normandy. There is therefore no better place to taste scallops than in Normandy. Because it is crucial to respect the fishing dates, you can taste them from October 15th. To make you wait and because our region has many marine species, this summer you can taste sea bass , cod or gilthead seabream.

Scallops from the market

Take advantage of all these good products in our hotel restaurant spa and swimming pool in Normandy

During your stay at Clos Saint Gatien spa hotel , take advantage of its ideal location in the heart of the Pays d'Auge to taste all the delicious dishes that we have presented to you.

After such an excursion, relax in our wellness area which is composed of an indoor swimming pool , a hammam and a jacuzzi . We also have an outdoor pool perfect for the season. And you can get a massage from professionals who make every effort to ensure that you have a great time.

Clos Saint Gatien outdoor swimming pool
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