Company, family, friends: enjoy the end of the year around a good meal

Restaurant between Deauville and Honfleur

What would the end of the corporate year be without a meal with colleagues? And what would the holidays be without getting together with family or friends around good tasty dishes? The kitchen brings you together. It's a pure moment of sharing, laughter and joy to enjoy at will. More so, it's an opportunity to remember the moments you've had together throughout the year. So just for the pleasure of getting together, our restaurant in Normandy gives you all the good reasons to organize an end-of-year meal just next to Deauville!

Company end-of-year meal: destination Deauville and the Côte Fleurie

Near the sea, it's the ideal setting to take a breather and take a break. The authentic setting of the Pays d'Auge will comfort you during the winter. Full of charm and half-timbered houses typical of the region, it is a green destination where it is good to stroll there, whatever the season.

In winter, the illuminations bring a touch of magic during your walks and you will discover another Normandy. Come and escape for an end-of-year meal , just a few minutes from the famous boards of Deauville. 20 minutes from the sea spray and iodized air of Deauville-Trouville beach, there is no better setting to meet up.

Deauville beach and its famous parasols on a sunny day with a blue sky, to visit during your romantic weekend in Normandy

Company outing: offer gifts for the end of the year

Your employees will appreciate the gesture. Mini-box, chocolates, vouchers... Give them a little attention, a little something that will make them very happy and that will allow them to leave with a souvenir. To offer at the beginning of a meal or during dessert .

Restaurant near Deauville with family and friends

Savor the last moments of the year, surrounded by those you love and in front of a meal prepared on site by a team of enthusiasts. Here, the local products of our Norman neighbors are given pride of place. It is all their know-how that you can taste at the table, in a refined and carefully decorated setting. From the starter, to the main course and to the dessert, we select quality ingredients that will reveal all their flavor in the mouth.

There is always room for an ice cream at the end of the meal! Our cuts are made from artisanal ice creams and sorbets from the Atelier de Luc in Trouville . Every day, he concocts creamy ice creams, with a light texture and always with very good quality products to regain their taste once the work is finished. The delicious gourmet ice creams from our ice cream maker will delight young and old alike.

So whether it's to meet up with your colleagues, celebrate with your loved ones or have fun with friends, our restaurant welcomes you with open arms, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge.